Picture of Formula One Technology - Volume 1

Formula One Technology - Volume 1


May 2007

No matter how good a driver is, in technology-led Formula One he is at the mercy of the competitiveness of his car. What are the factors that make a car capable of running at a competitive pace in qualifying and the race? 

Although there is much secrecy in Formula One, each year this in depth review of the sport’s engineering gets below the sponsors liveries to explain precisely what is going on at the heart of the machines and the secrets of those that are quick.

Contents are:

  • Special Investigation: F1 SPEED - The Performance Envelope
  • Insight: RENAULT R26 - The development of Renault’s Grand Prix winner
  • Dossier: THE V8 F1 ENGINE - Inside the 20,000 rpm V8
  • Insight: FERRARI 248 - The technology of Ferrari’s Grand Prix winner
  • Dossier: TYRES - From Tyre War to Single Supplier
  • GRID - F1 Techno Topics including 2007 Prospects
  • GRAND PRIX PADDOCK - Engine manufacturers, teams and suppliers
  • PS - Vanwall Aero

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