Picture of 24 Hour Race Technology - Volume 1

24 Hour Race Technology - Volume 1


July 2007

Officially endorsed by the ACO, 24 Hour Race Technology provides an annual review of the engineering spectacle that is Le Mans, highlighting why certain technologies are to the fore. Both Prototype and GT cars are analysed in depth in this uniquely focused appraisal of the world’s greatest twice-around-the-clock race, revealing many secrets of performance.

Contents are:

  • Special Investigation: LMP SPEED - The prototype performance envelope
  • Profile: PEUGEOT 908 - Exclusive details of the new coupe
  • Dossier: Diesel versus Gasoline - John Judd is developing both types
  • Insight: AER V8 TURBO - Designing a new LM1 gasoline engine
  • Short Take: PORSCHE 911 - The new 977-based LM GT2 car
  • Profile: ASTON MARTIN DBR9 - Inside the charismatic GT contender
  • GRID - Le Mans Techno Topics
  • LE MANS PADDOCK - Who is who in Le Mans car engineering
  • PS: LOLA T70 - A pioneering coupe

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