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24 Hour Race Technology - Volume 5

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July 2011

Officially endorsed by the ACO, 24 Hour Race Technology provides an annual review of the engineering spectacle that is Le Mans, highlighting why certain technologies are to the fore. Both Prototype and GT cars are analysed in depth in this uniquely focused appraisal of the world’s greatest twice-around-the-clock race, revealing many secrets of performance.

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - The tie-up between the FIA and the ACO heralds a new golden age for Sportscar racing
  • GRID - Porsche confirms it will field a works-run LM P1 Prototype in 2014, radical Delta Wing to make 2012 Le Mans debut, Nurburgring 24-hour report, and more…
  • Dossier: AUDI LM P1 - Anne Proffit reports on how Audi’s preparations for this year’s LM P1 race paid off on the podium
  • Insight: LE MANS ENGINES - What are the guiding factors in designing a petrol race engine for LM P1 competition? Oliver Allan reports
  • Focus: TRANSMISSIONS - Lawrence Butcher examines how manufacturers have made huge leaps in improving the durability of transmission systems for Le Mans racing
  • Dossier: HOPE RACING LM P1 HYBRID - What does it take to prove that a flywheel-based hybrid can compete at LM P1 level? Anne Proffit finds out
  • Focus: PROTOTYPE CHASSIS - What are the ingredients needed to create a top-flight sportscar chassis in the 21st century? Lawrence Butcher finds out
  • Dossier: ROBERTSON RACING FORD GT - Anne Proffit explains how a family-owned team won a podium place at Le Mans with the venerable Ford GT
  • LE MANS 2011 - A review of this year’s Le Mans engines, results plus our directory of suppliers
  • PS: AUDI AND LM-GTP - Recalling the late 1990s, and the evolution of the Audi R8C

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