Picture of Cup Race Technology - Volume 5

Cup Race Technology - Volume 5

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March 2014

Although stock-appearing, running oval tracks at 200 mph the Cup car generates huge aerodynamic forces. Under the skin the Cup car is purpose-designed for racing albeit around some mandatory components that are strangely archaic. It all adds up to a fascinating engineering challenge. Published annually, Cup Race Technology explains in depth how some of the finest minds in motorsport rise to this fascinating and unique challenge.

Contents are:

  • Intro: The Editor - Technical innovation in NASCAR continues apace 
  • Grid - The latest technical news from the world of stockcar racing 
  • Dossier: Chevy SS - Lawrence Butcher charts the development of GM’s latest Cup entrant 
  • Insight: Aero - Despite tight controls, Cup engineers can still find gains in aero performance, as Lawrence Butcher explains 
  • Digest: Dirt Super Late Model - An insight into the technology of dirt racing 
  • Focus: Manufacturing - Lawrence Butcher investigates the resources and equipment teams in NASCAR use to get their cars from drawing board to grid 
  • Tech Review - Lawrence Butcher looks at the latest component developments in NASCAR, and some from outside the sport with potential stockcar applications 
  • Insight: Tires - Dr Diandra Leslie Pelecky gets under the skin of the Cup tire to find technology of surprising complexity 
  • Paddock - NASCAR has made its system of penalties for rule-breakers simpler and more consistent. 
  • PS - Where does NASCAR go next?

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