Picture of F1 Race Technology - Volume 9

F1 Race Technology - Volume 9

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May 2015

No matter how good a driver is, in technology-led Formula One he is at the mercy of the competitiveness of his car. What are the factors that make a car capable of running at a competitive pace in qualifying and the race? 

Although there is much secrecy in Formula One, each year this in depth review of the sport’s engineering gets below the sponsors liveries to explain precisely what is going on at the heart of the machines and the secrets of those that are quick.

Contents Include:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - It is interesting times for Formula One, explains Lawrence Butcher 
  • Grid - The latest news from the world of Formula One, including regulation changes and technical updates 
  • Technical Review: FORMULA ONE 2015 - Lawrence Butcher looks at the 2015 Formula One contenders, studying the impact of new for 2015 rules 
  • Technical Review: POWER-UNITS - The 2015 season saw heavily revised power-units in Formula One with teams allowed to replace or modify a large proportion of components 
  • Insight: DAMPERS - Chassis control is key to aerodynamic performance, so what goes into creating dampers for Formula One? 
  • Focus: ADVANCED MATERIALS - Lawrence Butcher investigates new and emerging material technologies and their potential uses in racing 
  • Tech Review: FORMULA ONE 2014 - A detailed analysis of all the significant technical developments of 2014 
  • Profile: FORCE INDIA VJM 07 - Lawrence Butcher investigates how this small team adapted to the challenges of the new Formula One era 
  • Insight: MODELLING AND SIMULATION - Using virtual tools to predict car performance is a fiendishly complicated task, Lawrence Butcher investigates 
  • Paddock: MOVERS AND SHAKERS - All of the key personnel changes across the grid 
  • P.S: DEJA VU - 2014 was not the first time the regulations placed a focus on fuel-efficiency

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