Picture of Race Engine Technology - Issue 092

Race Engine Technology - Issue 092


Issue 92 - February 2016

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Sad news that Nissan has withdrawn from the WEC is tempered by plans by Don Panoz to field a GT version of the DeltaWing at Le Mans 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Glimmer of a revival of the rotary racecar, Cup’s adoption of roller tappets prompts a fresh look at the technology, and much more… 
  • In Conversation: DR DONATUS WICHELHAUS - VW’s head of engine development tells Lawrence Butcher about the company’s various projects and shares his views on powertrain regulation 
  • Dossier: KPE EFI BLOWN BIG BLOCK CHEVROLET - Conventional wisdom went against using electronic fuel injection in a blown alcohol motor, until one man proved everyone wrong. Lawrence Butcher reports 
  • Focus: CON RODS - Wayne Ward reports on developments in the design and manufacturing of these fundamental powertrain components 
  • Race Engine Digest: ROGER CLARK MOTORSPORT GOBSTOPPER II - Stewart Mitchell recounts the development of the Subaru engine in this Pro Extreme British Time Attack contender 
  • Show Report: PRI SHOW 2015 - Here’s our guide to some of the most interesting developments on show at this premier industry event 
  • Report: TOP FUEL HORSEPOWER MEASUREMENT SEMINAR - After our article on the power a Top Fuel dragster engine really produces, attendees at PRI had the opportunity to learn more. Ian Bamsey reports 
  • Focus: RADIATORS AND COOLERS - Cooling system design and manufacture hides a wealth of application-specific detail, as Dave Cooper explains 
  • Insight: CRANKSHAFT TORSIONAL VIBRATION PART 2 - In the second half of his analysis of crankshaft torsional vibration, Matt Grant shows how to calculate the orders and half-orders of the torsional amplitudes 
  • PS: ELECTRIC TOURING CARS - Technology has emerged that could enable an electric racecar to keep pace with IC-engined rivals, at least at some of the shorter races


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