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Race Engine Technology - Issue 100

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Issue 100 - February 2017

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - As we notch up our first 100 issues it’s time to take stock of the often surprising journey through cutting-edge powertrain developments
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - The Bloodhound SSC edges ever-closer to its land speed record bid, Elite Performance reverts to GM Pro Stock power, and much more…
  • In Conversation: LUCA MARMORINI - Lawrence Butcher talks to the fourth and final designer responsible for drawing up most of the latest Formula One engine regulations
  • Dossier: AUDI R18 4.0 LITRE V6 TDI - Ulrich Baretzky gives Ian Bamsey an exclusive in-depth insight into Audi’s Le Mans 4.0 litre V6 turbodiesel developed for the current fuel flow-based efficiency formula
  • Focus: ADVANCED MATERIALS - Dr Dave Cooper examines recent developments in metallic and non-metallic materials and processing for powertrain applications
  • Challenge Of: SUPER GT500 - As with Formula One, cars in the Japanese GT500 class are subject to fuel flow regulations. Lawrence Butcher explains their impact on engine design
  • Report: PRI 2016 - Ian Bamsey presents his pick of the new products on show at the recent Performance Racing Industry event
  • Insight: COSWORTH - Matt Grant toasts Cosworth’s half-century of top-level motorsport power plants by charting its progress from the iconic DFV to the CA and beyond
  • Focus: FUEL PUMPS - The advent of fuel flow regulations means efficient fuel pumps are more important than ever. Stewart Mitchell reviews the design options
  • Insight: 100 ISSUES OF RET - Ian Bamsey considers the past, present and future of Race Engine Technology
  • PS: BLOODHOUND SSC - What goes into designing the fuel system for a car destined
    to achieve 1000 mph?


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