Picture of F1 Race Technology - Volume 11

F1 Race Technology - Volume 11

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May 2017

No matter how good a driver is, in technology-led Formula One he is at the mercy of the competitiveness of his car. What are the factors that make a car capable of running at a competitive pace in qualifying and the race? 

Although there is much secrecy in Formula One, each year this in depth review of the sport’s engineering gets below the sponsors liveries to explain precisely what is going on at the heart of the machines and the secrets of those that are quick.

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - The 2017 aero regulations and wider tyres are making for faster cars and providing fertile ground for fresh technical development
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - A rare insight into developments in hybrid control technology, the auction of Manor Racing’s assets provides a window on a Formula One team’s operation, and more…
  • In Conversation: STEVE BRYAN - AP Racing’s Formula One trackside man since 1984 tells Lawrence Butcher about the changes to braking systems he has witnessed over the years
  • Insight: MODELLING AND SIMULATION - Lawrence Butcher explains the different approaches to the testing and validation of Formula One racecar systems
  • Dossier: SAUBER - Sauber’s technical director Jörg Zander tells Lawrence Butcher about the changes in the team and the development of its 2017 challenger, the C36Technical review: FORMULA ONE 2017 Lawrence Butcher examines the impact of changes to the regulations on the cars in 2017
  • Digest: TORO ROSSO STR12 - How did Toro Rosso, one of the smaller teams on the grid, adapt to the sweeping rule changes to produce its latest contender? Lawrence Butcher reports
  • Insight: 2017 AERODYNAMICS - Lawrence Butcher looks at how teams interpreted the latest aerodynamic rules, and the effect on the performance of their cars
  • Update: FORCE INDIA - Force India’s technical director Andy Green gives Lawrence Butcher a run down on the team’s preparations for the 2017 season
  • Appendix - Key details about the technical regulations, the racing format and the 2017 contenders Formula One suppliers
  • Our listing of companies offering Formula One-level products and services
  • PS: PRE-WAR GRAND PRIX CARS - A trip to the Goodwood Revival festival provides a fascinating insight into the development of Grand Prix machinery during the 1930s

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