Picture of Race Engine Technology - Issue 102

Race Engine Technology - Issue 102

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Issue 102 - May 2017

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Renault shares its vision of a Formula One car in 2027 – which comfortingly will still include an internal combustion engine
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Powertrain diversity continues in the WEC, details of the new Formula E battery pack, and much more…
  • In Conversation: HANS-GEORG BREUER Before he retired recently, Breuer spent nearly 30 years guiding the Stuttgart company’s GT race engine development. Lawrence Butcher charts his career
  • Dossier: COBRA 65 Ian Bamsey investigates Cobra’s small-displacement two-stroke, which is giving the big players in youth motocross competition a run for their money
  • XTRAC IGS -Stewart Mitchell explains the workings of the Instantaneous Gear Shift system, which unlike many seamless transmissions is not banned everywhere
  • Focus: EXHAUSTS - The current era of boosted engines is transforming the choice of exhaust materials and manufacturing techniques, as Wayne Ward explains
  • Challenge Of: PRO MOD - Lawrence Butcher examines the engine solutions built to the rules of Pro Mod, whose diversity has proved a hit with the public
  • Race Engine Digest: PORSCHE 996 TT - Stewart Mitchell explains how one engine developer created this day-to-day roadcar that is also a raceday beast
  • Focus: BATTERY COOLING - There are various ways to keep an electric powertrain’s battery system in its optimum temperature range, as Stewart Mitchell explains
  • Insight: NISMO VRX 30A EVO V6 TURBO - Stewart Mitchell talks to two of Nismo’s key technical personnel about the revamp of this advanced LM P1 engine
  • PS: ROTARY INNOVATIONS - An extract from Norman Burr’s biography of Keith Duckworth shows how it could have all gone very wrong for Cosworth back in 1959


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