Picture of Alternative Race Technology - Volume 4

Alternative Race Technology - Volume 4

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July 2017

Motorsport is undergoing a revolution, the most substantial of its long history. Widespread concerns over consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions have led the motor industry to exploration of alternative fuels and hybrid and even all-electric vehicles. Motorsport is following suit, to the extent that alternative fuelled hybrid vehicles have already won prestigious events against conventional race cars, while 2014 saw the arrival of the first all-electric FIA series, Formula E. Alternative Race Technology is dedicated to the analysis of the new technologies that are starting to change the face of motorsport. The future is here now; explore its exciting novelties through this unique technical publication!

Contents include:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Formula E and a growing acceptance of electric power are helping to spur the EV and hybrid revolution
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Hybrid hell at the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours, batteries you can ‘fill up’ like a fuel tank, Formula One tech for the road, and more…
  • In Conversation: BRIAN WILLIS - The engineer heading the development of the all-electric GT-EV Le Mans racer tells Lawrence Butcher about the project’s challenges
  • Dossier: STARD HIPER PROTOTYPE RALLYCROSS EV - Hal Ridge examines the development of this electric racer that aims to give rallycross Supercars a run for their money
  • Insight: SEMICONDUCTOR DEVELOPMENT - New transistor technologies are helping to spur the development of high-performance electric vehicles, as Lawrence Butcher explains
  • Technical Review: FORMULA E - Lawrence Butcher caught up with some of the key technical staff among the teams at the 2017 Paris E-Prix to investigate the year’s main technical developments
  • Insight: BATTERY TECHNOLOGY - Lawrence Butcher gives an overview of some of the latest advances and most promising developments in battery engineering
  • Digest: ACCIONA 100% ECOPOWERED - Hal Ridge reports on what went in to building this, the first all-electric car to complete the Dakar Rally
  • Insight: COOLING SYSTEMS- Lawrence Butcher explains the various challenges and approaches to keeping race EV systems within their ideal temperature ranges
  • Appendix: EV AND HYBRID RACING - How the different race series work and their sometimes arcane technical terms explained
  • SUPPLIER DIRECTORY - Our listing of companies offering products and services to the alternative race technology community
  • PS: A LOAD OF GAS - The unveiling in 2016 of a range extender hybrid with a gas turbine recalls previous attempts to use the technology in racing

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