Picture of Race Restoration Technology - Volume 1

Race Restoration Technology - Volume 1

$28.00 (£20.00)

October 2019

Race Restoration Technology will see our editorial model focussed on the technology of historic racing. It's arguably one of the most popular forms of motorsport among competitors globally.

Its broad appeal can in part be accounted for by the huge variety of machinery that is raced. There is a place for everything from pre-1920’s vintage through to Le Mans Prototypes of the early 2000s.

All of these cars need specialist services to keep them running, and it is often the case that companies involved in contemporary racing find their skills ideally suited to the restoration and maintenance of historic cars and are turning their attentions there.

Technology is also changing the way these cars are worked on. Be this through the use of advanced reverse engineering methods such as laser scanning and additive manufacturing to recreate unobtainable parts, or new materials technology allowing for greater reliability from components without impacting their historic aesthetic.

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