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E-Mobility Engineering

Launched in 2018, EME is the first publication to focus entirely on providing independent coverage of the engineering of electric vehicles. Published quarterly EME probes today’s cutting edge projects to provide in-depth research insights, rigorous investigation backed by professional peer review and critical analysis.

EME is an invaluable resource of actionable intelligence for engineers whilst also providing a targeted promotional platform for those with products and services of interest to them. If you want to seize more than your fair share of the fresh opportunities being created in this exciting market, then EME is a must.





The EME news section is focused on technological development. Business and politics are only covered in so far as they impact directly on engineering solutions.

From the outset EME has established itself as a publication that deals in hard science.


EME dossiers offer an incredibly detailed look at high profile E-Mobility projects, revealing many secrets of the technology that are simply not reported anywhere else. Our overall vehicle dossiers cover concepts from automotive, off-highway, aerospace and commercial applications.

Each powerplant dossier explores in depth one of the diverse innovative power units at the forefront of today’s electric revolution.


E-Mobility Engineering’s ‘Insights’ drill down into specific technological topics, providing mission critical information for engineers working in the field.

This may be a deep dive into high-power semi-conductor materials, through to an investigation into the challenges of hydrogen infrastructure.

The running theme being unmatched insight and technical detail.



Revisited just once every 2-3 years the ‘Focus’ acts as an excellent source of reference on specific products and types of engineering service – topics covered include:

  • Composites
  • Cooling Systems
  • Motors
  • Cabling & Connectors
  • Additive Layer Manufacturing
  • Control Systems
  • Inverters
  • Converters
  • Thermal Management
  • Batteries
  • Battery Monitoring/Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Fuel Cells
  • Super Capacitors
  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
  • AC & DC Charging Systems
  • Power Electronics Subsystems
  • Power Semiconductor Devices & Highly Integrated Modules
  • Wide Band Gap Devices & Related Issues
  • Packaging, Cooling & Heat Transfer
  • Magnetics, Capacitors, Bus Bar & 3D Integrations
  • Sensors for Motors & Converters
  • Harnesses, Connectors & Protection/Distribution Devices
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • Stationary Wireless Power Transfer
  • Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer
  • Wireless High Power Transfer
  • Electromagnetic  Compatibility • Modelling & Simulation
  • Measuring Methods & Equipment
  • Materials
  • Test Systems



E-Mobility Engineering magazine is read by engineers around the world actively working on developing technological solutions for electric vehicles and the systems that support them. Written by engineers, for engineers.


CORE CIRCULATION - Individually mailed copies
READERSHIP - (average 3 readers per copy)



In addition to the CEOs, COOs and Managing Directors of the global E-Mobility engineering community.

  • Chief Engineer
  • CTO
  • E-Mobility Engineer
  • Modelling & Simulation Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Electronic Design Engineer
  • Heads of Engineering
  • Heads of E-Mobility
  • R&D Engineer
  • Heads of R&D
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • PHEV Engineer
  • BEV Engineer
  • HEV Engineer
  • E-Drive Engineer
  • E-Propulsion Engineer
  • Powertrain Engineer
  • Drivetrain Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Hybrid Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • Engineering Director








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