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Alternative Race Technology - Volume 1

Dedicated to the analysis of the new technologies that are starting to change the face of motorsport. 

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August 2014

Motorsport is undergoing a revolution, the most substantial of its long history. Widespread concern over consumption of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions have led the industry to exploration of alternative fuels and hybrids and even all-electric vehicles. Motorsport is following suit, to the extent that alternative fuelled hybrids have already won prestigious events against conventional racecars. Alternative Race Technology is a new addition to High Power Media's Race Technology Report stable, dedicated to the analysis of the new technologies that are starting to change the face of motorsport. The future is here now; explore its exciting novelties through this unique technical publication!

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - A new age of racing dawns 
  • Grid - The latest technical news from the alternative racing world 
  • Insight: ALTERNATIVE FUELS - John Coxon recalls a decade of experimentation with motorsport propellants, from diesels through alcohols and gases to batteries 
  • Insight: INNOVATION AND REGULATION - How do leading hybrid and EV engineers expect alternative motorsport technology to develop in the future? 
  • Focus: ENERGY STORAGE - As electric vehicles in motorsport become more widespread, David Cooper examines the energy storage options 
  • Profile: EV100 DRAG BIKE - Lead chassis designer and rider Rob Moon explains what’s gone into the development of this contender for the quarter-mile record 
  • Profile: JAGUAR C-X75 - Lawrence Butcher talks to the companies involved in the design and development of this hybrid supercar 
  • Profile: FORZE FUEL CELL RACER - Delft University’s development of a full-sized EV racecar has entailed finding some innovative solutions. Lawrence Butcher reports 
  • Focus: ELECTRIC MOTORS - Jon Scoltock highlights the key issues when designing an electric/ hybrid powertrain and integrating it into a race vehicle 
  • Profile: FORMULA E - Formula E’s success will hinge on whether the technology can provide a decent race experience and therefore whether the public will support it. Richard Jordan reports 
  • Insight: FLYBRID FLYWHEEL - Matthew Grant charts the development of Flybrid’s pioneering KERS technology, and assesses its potential for motorsport 
  • Insight: HYDROGEN PRACTICALITIES - Hydrogen holds a lot of promise as an automotive fuel but, as Phil Barker explains, various obstacles have to be overcome first 
  • PS - There is no such thing as a new idea

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