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Cup Race Technology - Volume 3

Highlights in this issue include a Profile of Red Horse Racing's Truck, a Special Investigation into Engineering the Driver and Focus articles covering Corners and Brakes. 

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March 2012

Although stock-appearing, running oval tracks at 200 mph the Cup car generates huge aerodynamic forces. Under the skin the Cup car is purpose-designed for racing albeit around some mandatory components that are strangely archaic. It all adds up to a fascinating engineering challenge. Published annually, Cup Race Technology explains in depth how some of the finest minds in motorsport rise to this fascinating and unique challenge.

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - NASCAR is definitely not afraid of change
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - The latest news from Pit road
  • Profile: RED HORSE RACING TRUCK - Jeff Huneycutt investigates what it takes to make a competitive Camping World truck
  • Insight: SUPERSPEEDWAY ENGINEERING - H.A Mergen looks at the unique challenges of beating the pack on the superspeedways
  • Focus: CORNERS - A Sprint Cup car’s suspension may be simple, but this doesn’t prevent engineers using every trick and technology to make them turn
  • Insight: FUEL INJECTION - The faithful four-barrel has bitten the dust. Wayne Ward investigates the challenges fuel injection presents teams
  • Special Investigation: ENGINEERING THE DRIVER - The car is perfect, the track is perfect, there is only one place left to find those elusive tenths. Ronn Langford looks at engineering the driver
  • Focus: BRAKES - Sprint Cup cars are notoriously under braked, what can brake manufacturers do to improve stopping power and remain inside the regulations?
  • Review: TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS - Tiff Daniels highlights the latest engineering developments in the world of Stockcar racing
  • CUP RACE TECHNOLOGY DIRECTORY - The stockcar racer’s resource
  • PS: KEEPING THE SHOW - NASCAR plays a delicate regulatory balancing act

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