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Race Engine Technology - Issue 046

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on the ECR 437 Dirt Late Model V8, Jack Kane on AETC and Focus articles covering Engine Control Units and Bearings.

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Issue 46 - May 2010

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Highlighting how the V4 could become the new V8 in a future world of downsized race engines
  • Upfront: FORMULA ONE’S FUTURE - Ian Bamsey considers how Grand Prix racing is looking for inspiration from the eighties turbo years
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Formula One engine reliability; Medlen goes to DSR; Millen’s Pikes Peak Hyundai; Greensand casting and more
  • Dossier: ECR 437 LATE MODEL - Ian Bamsey discovers how ECR Engines is applying cutting-edge NASCAR engineering to the breathtaking world of the Dirt Late Model
  • Focus: ENGINE CONTROL UNITS - It’s surprising how much modern motorsport ECUs and engine management can do for race engineers. Wayne Ward reports
  • The Challenge of: LE MANS 2010 - We consider the final outing for the current LM P1 engines and also the challenge of racing for 24 hours
  • Musings: JACK KANE ON AETC - Jack Kane muses on the 2009 AETC, highlighting aspects of this engine-orientated conference that he found intriguing
  • Motorcycle: NORTON REVIVED - Neil Spading investigates a replica of the 1962 Norton 30M created by Patrick Walker’s new Works Racing Motorcycles concern
  • Focus: BEARINGS - John Coxon explains the technology underlying the different types of bearing design, and gives some pointers to future developments
  • First Sight: MOTUS V4 - Introducing the Motus V4, a fascinating spin-off from the Corvette Le Mans programme, embracing direct injection
  • Insight: F1 TRANSMISSION - Probing the state of the art in Formula One transmission technology, from the clutch through to the differential
  • IRED: FORMULA ONE - We investigate the trends of Formula One powertrain technology and identify opportunities for new suppliers
  • PS: NEWEY AND ILMOR - How Adrian Newey worked with Ilmor to find the right F1 V10 engine package for Mercedes

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