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Race Engine Technology - Issue 047

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on Zytek's LM P1 V8 and KERS, profiles of TKD's Yamaha-based V8 and Yamaha's World Superbike I4 and Focus articles covering Coatings and Fuel.

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Issue 47 - June/July 2010

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Right now the world of racing powertrain technology stands at a crossroads; Ian Bamsey explains why
  • Upfront: MOTO GP’S FUTURE - Where next for the last bastion of super-high crankshaft speed - is a great engine adventure doomed?
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - NHRA continues Top Fuel/Funny Car engine taming; Cosworth joins USF1 creditors; Nissan new generation LM P2 engine tests; and more
  • Dossier: ZYTEK V8 and KERS - Zytek currently has P1 and P2 versions of its Le Mans V8. Next year P2 becomes P1: Ian Bamsey investigates the implications
  • Focus: COATINGS - Coatings technology has advanced hugely in recent years. Wayne Ward gives a guide to choosing the latest materials
  • Insight: FORD FOCUS ON LPG - John Coxon reports on how a new approach is allowing one motorsport team to get the best out of LPG fuel
  • Profile: YAMAHA V8 - Ian Bamsey reports on a Yamaha R1-based V8, which looks set to take naturally aspirated 2.0 litre performance to a new level
  • Profile: YAMAHA WORLD SUPERBIKE I4 - The R1 has arguably the best WSB engine yet Race Techniques and Cosworth are out to improve it. Ian Bamsey finds out how?
  • Focus: FUEL - Gasoline may still dominate as the motorsport fuel of choice but, as John Coxon explains, other fuels are now coming to the fore
  • Short Take: SCHWITZER AWARD 2010 - Anne Proffit explains how Mezzo Technologies brought new cooler tech to IndyCar racing, to good enough effect to bag a Schwitzer
  • Insight: WORLD CHALLENGE - Anne Proffit introduces the SCCA’s production car based US road racing series and talks to key engine builders
  • PS: PANOZ Q9 1998 - Recalling the first ever ‘hybrid’ Le Mans car, for which Zytek codeveloped the Kinetic Energy Recovery System

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