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Race Engine Technology - Issue 110

Highlights in this issue include the third part of Jack Kane's Reno V12 Turbo project and a conversation with IndyCar's Darren Sansum. The challenge of Powerboat Racing and a dossier on the S&S Cycle VPS160 NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle v12. Insights into battery testing and microwave telemetry, the development of the HR35 TT Ridgeline Baja Truck. As well as focus articles covering additive manufacturing and fasteners. 

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Issue 110 - May 2018

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - There’s still hope that a hydrogen fuel cell-powered Prototype will compete as a Garage 56 entry at Le Mans 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Issue of exhaust blowing of rear wings in Formula One returns, concept for an all-electric Touring Car series unveiled, and more… 
  • In Conversation: DARREN SANSUM - IndyCar’s latest regulations overseer talks to Stewart Mitchell about his role and his plans for the future 
  • Dossier: S&S CYCLE VPS160 NHRA PRO STOCK MOTORCYCLE V2 - Ian Bamsey investigates this ready-to-race engine that offers customers the scope to do their own performance development 
  • Insight: BATTERY TESTING - Stewart Mitchell explains the benefits of using bidirectional systems to test the charge-discharge behaviour of drivetrain batteries 
  • Focus: ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING - As the technology continues to develop and its applications widen, additive manufacturing is entering a new age of sophistication. Stewart Mitchell reports 
  • Insight: MICROWAVE TELEMETRY - Microwave-based data acquisition is a common choice for direct injection race engine development. Stewart Mitchell explains how it works 
  • Challenge Of: POWERBOAT RACING - Stewart Mitchell reports on the challenges faced by engine developers in the Super Catamaran class of powerboat racing 
  • Race Engine Digest: HR35 TT RIDGELINE BAJA TRUCK- Stewart Mitchell details the development of the powertrain in this purpose-built off-road racer 
  • Focus: FASTENERS - New fastening systems will gain wider acceptance in motorsport once their price comes down, writes Wayne Ward 
  • Project: RENO V12 TURBO - In this third part of his engine project for the Reno Air races, Jack Kane explains the work that went into the pistons, con rods and cylinder head
  • PS: BRM V8 GENESIS - Cosworth wasn’t the first UK manufacturer to win a Formula One championship with a V8, as extracts from Dick Salmon’s book, BRM – A Mechanic’s Tale, explain

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