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Race Engine Technology - Issue 121

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Renault F1's technical director Remi Taffin and the challenge of F1H20 World Championship. A report from the British Grand Prix 2019 and Engine Expo 2019, as well as a dossier on the Outkast Racing Engines RY45 Late Model v8. We investigate the Team Bath Formula Student KTM Turbo, the EDL Judd DB and the Suzuki NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle. As well as a focus article covering transmissions.

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121 September/October 2019

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Battery-electric Le Mans Prototypes that can be recharged as quickly as refuelling a current LM P1 car present intriguing prospects for the 24 Hours 

  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Plan unveiled to race an electric Prototype with a two-minute battery recharge, Ginetta switches to AER V6 turbo power, Porsche’s Dr Ferdinand Piech remembered, and more…  
  • In Conversation: REMI TAFFIN - Renault’s F1 team engine technical director gives Ian Bamsey an insight into the French marque’s current Grand Prix power unit 
  • Report: BRITISH GRAND PRIX 2019 - Ian Bamsey looks at how Formula One power units were shaping up come the midpoint of this year’s Grand Prix season 
  • Dossier: OUTKAST RACING ENGINES RY45 LATE MODEL V8 - Mike Magda reports on how this engine was rebuilt to suit the needs of a rookie driver 
  • Focus: TRANSMISSIONS - The advent of electric and hybrid drivetrains has created a need for transmissions for new and diverse markets, writes Matt Grant 
  • Short Take: EDL JUDD DB - Ian Bamsey looks at the largest displacement engine in the British Hillclimb Championship. With research by Stewart Mitchell 
  • Challenge Of: F1H2O WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Ian Bamsey explains how tuning makes all the difference when every team in this series is using the same engine. With research by Stewart Mitchell 
  • Short Take: TEAM BATH FORMULA STUDENT KTM TURBO - Ian Bamsey finds out how this university racing team graduated to a single-cylinder motorcycle race engine. Research by Stewart Mitchell 
  • Race Engine Digest: SUZUKI NHRA PRO STOCK MOTORCYCLE - Ian Bamsey investigates WAR’s application of fuel injection to the NHRA Suzuki I4. Research by Stewart Mitchell 
  • Report: ENGINE EXPO 2019 - Ian Bamsey finds much of interest at the road and race powertrain technology crossover that is Stuttgart’s yearly Engine Expo 
  • PS: FOUR-STROKE VERSUS TWO IN F1H2O - Four-strokes are on the ascendancy in powerboat racing, but the changeover is not without its issues

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