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Race Engine Technology - Issue 122

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with HPD’s Mark Crawford as well as an update on the Yamaha MotoGP I4. A dossier on the Bolt HRC-4 I4 Turbo, the challenge of Moto3 with KTM and we look at Hybrids in the WRC. Focus articles on component lifting, valves and piston rings, we also detail the Race Engine of the Year 2019 Nominations. E-Race Power Technology contains a conversation with Mercedes-Benz’s Ian James as well as looking at the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218.

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122 November/December 2019

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - With no new major manufacturer race engines on the horizon, thank goodness for IndyCar
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Monster Race Products’ Suzuki I4 head wins NHRA approval, Toyota shares development details about its Yaris WRC engine, and more…
  • In Conversation: MARK CRAWFORD - HPD’s IndyCar engine project leader explains how his team continues to keep up in the performance stakes
  • Dossier: BOLT HRC-4 I4 TURBO - Ian Bamsey traces the development of the engine powering this snowmobile drag racer
  • Focus: COMPONENT LIFING - Matt Grant explains how to track the mileage of critical race engine components to improve their durability and reliability
  • Update: YAMAHA MOTOGP I4 - Stewart Mitchell reports on how Yamaha has fared in the 2019 MotoGP season with its latest I4 engine
  • Focus: VALVES AND PISTON RINGS - Wayne Ward explains the steps that valve and ring manufacturers are taking to meet the growing demands of modern race engines
  • Challenge Of: MOTO3 - The head of KTM’s Moto3 track support tells Stewart Mitchell about the demands of being an engine supplier in the World Championship
  • RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR 2019 - Details of the 12 nominations this year. Which ones will take pole position in each category – and which will win outright?
  • Short Take: HYBRIDS IN THE WRC - Lawrence Butcher finds that rally teams’ technical chiefs have differing views on introducing hybrid power in the WRC
  • e-Race Power Technology: GRID - Linear Labs begins testing its patented Hunstable Electric Turbine motor, Williams Advanced Engineering unveils its answer to the energy-power battery cells dilemma, and more…
  • In Conversation: IAN JAMES - Mercedes-Benz’s Formula E team principal gives Stewart Mitchell an insight into the powertrain challenges ahead of its inaugural campaign
  • Race Engine Digest: LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLES LS-218 - Lightning’s Richard Hatfield explains his LS-218 road/race motorcycle’s motor technology to Stewart Mitchell
  • PS: WORKING WITH THE MASERATI 250F - Extracts from Maserati consultant and historian Ermanno Cozza’s autobiography

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