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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 002

Highlights in this issue include a coversation with Graham Smethurst, insights into marine UUVs, security and safety sytems. A report from the Commercial UAV Show and dossiers on the Scion SA-400, the Danielson Trident 100 TD2 and the Mira Mace. As well as focus articles covering vision sensors and additive manufacturing.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - March 2015

Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) focuses entirely on the innovative engineering that’s successfully pushing boundaries on land, in the air, at sea and even through the universe. UST is unique – the first ever publication to focus entirely on providing independent coverage of the engineering at the heart of unmanned vehicles. It applies the same rigorous scientific approach to this brave new world as critically acclaimed Race Engine Technology magazine brings to the subject of racing powertrain technology.


  • Intro - Interest in swarming unmanned systems is growing, as the benefits of having them work in harmony become clearer 
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - High-altitude internet base station UAV unveiled, details of a flexible and high-efficiency solar sheet, a real-time tool for handling complex imagery that runs on a standard web browser, new swarming algorithms, and much more… 
  • In conversation: Graham Smethurst - BMW’s head of its autonomous vehicle programme explains the challenges that lie ahead and how to overcome them 
  • Dossier: Scion SA-400 - Ian Bamsey investigates an optionally piloted helicopter which, unmanned, can fly sideways at 46 knots and land on a ship at sea 
  • UST online - Full details on the easy way to find new suppliers and stay up to date with the latest technological developments 
  • Report: Commercial UAV Show - Ian Bamsey and Nick Flaherty highlight some of the new technology on show at this trade fair launch 
  • Focus: Vision sensors - Developments in imaging technology are paving the way for more integrated onboard vision, as Nick Flaherty explains 
  • Dossier: Danielson Trident 100 TD2 - Ian Bamsey investigates this state-of-the-art French turbodiesel that’s been created specifically for UAV use 
  • Insight: Security and safety systems - How to ensure an unmanned system is secure and safe 
  • Dossier: MIRA MACE - The UK’s MIRA automotive research institute is trialling unmanned ground vehicles for the military. What lessons are being learnt? 
  • Focus: Additive manufacturing - Making components using an additive process is ideal for the unmanned systems industry. David Cooper explains why 
  • Insight: Marine UUVs - Torpedo-shaped autonomous underwater vehicles are taking over the oceans. Nick Flaherty examines some new developments 
  • PS: Wankel engines - The rotary engine has found a niche in unmanned systems

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