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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 001

This new launch focuses on the engineering behind all electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains. Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Ricardo's Steve Doyle and an insight into Power Semiconductors. Dossiers on the Pipistrel Alpha Electro and the Volabo ISCAD motor. Show reports from Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018 and the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2018. We also have focus articles covering thermal management and connectors.

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E-Mobility Engineering is the communications hub of the electrified powertrain. It looks in-depth at the engineering behind the electric and hybrid vehicle industry, providing concise coverage of the array of engineering challenges found in this fast-growing market.

The content is written by engineers, for engineers, the aim being to supply those working in all sectors with the information and inspiration they need, keeping them fully abreast of the latest technological developments.

In the same way as Race Engine Technology provides for racing powertrain engineers, and Unmanned Systems Technology for unmanned vehicle engineers, this new launch is the magazine for electric and hybrid powertrain engineers.

Contents include:

  • Intro - These are exciting times for the e-mobility industry, with everything to play for – as we’ll be reporting in future issues 
  • News - Hybrid systems for freight trailers and VTOL air taxis announced, details of an electric drivetrain for excavators, bus platform with an eye to the future, and more 
  • In Conversation: Steve Doyle - Ricardo’s head of hybrid and electrical systems tells us about the company’s current EV projects 
  • Dossier: Pipistrel Alpha Electro - We chart the development of this electric airworthy-certified two-seat aircraft 
  • Focus: Thermal Management - What to bear in mind when designing and building temperature control systems for electric powertrains 
  • Dossier: Volabo ISCAD motor - A 300 kW traction motor that runs on only 48 V? Here’s the concept behind it 
  • Show Report: Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018 - Highlights of some of the latest products on show at this focused exhibition 
  • Insight: Power Semiconductors - How new chip technologies featuring wider bandgaps will improve electric powertrain efficiency 
  • Focus: Connectors - The factors you need to consider when specifying connectors for electric vehicle susbsystems
  • Show Report: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2018 - Here’s what caught our eye at this major show in Germany 
  • PS: The Gradual Evolution - We recall BMW’s pioneering work in the 1970s on electric car drivetrains

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