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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 002

This issue contains insights into AI and the Uniti One EV, a dossier on the Phi-Power PHI301, we look at the EVIE street-sweeper, digest the Xing Mobility Miss R and focus articles on battery management systems and testing and simulation systems. We report back from Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and ponder hydrogen fuel cells.

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E-Mobility Engineering is the communications hub of the electrified powertrain. It looks in-depth at the engineering behind the electric and hybrid vehicle industry, providing concise coverage of the array of engineering challenges found in this fast-growing market.

The content is written by engineers, for engineers, with the aim being to supply those working in all sectors with the information and inspiration they need, keeping them fully abreast of the latest technological developments.

In the same way as Race Engine Technology provides for racing powertrain engineers, and Unmanned Systems Technology for unmanned vehicle engineers, this new launch is the magazine for electric and hybrid powertrain engineers.

Contents include:

  • Intro - The projects that show the range of solutions emerging in the automotive market
  • The Grid - Bell unveils its Nexus hybrid-electric air taxi, new generation of aluminium composites, study shows effect of ambient temperatures on battery car range, and more
  • Insight: Uniti One - How do you design and build a market-ready EV from scratch? Learning from the start-up behind this project might be a good start
  • Focus: Battery management systems - There are nuances to incorporating a BMS into an electric powertrain. We explain what they are
  • Insight: Artificial intelligence - AI is helping to boost the performance and reliability of e-mobility platforms. Here are the various technologies
  • Dossier: Phi-Power PHI301 motor - We explain the technology and engineering that has gone into making this compact axial flux motor
  • In operation: EVIE street-sweeper - How this battery-powered approach to keeping our urban roads clean was developed
  • Show report: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2018 - Highlights of some of the innovations on display at this US show
  • Digest: Xing Mobility Miss R - Immerse a vehicle’s batteries in coolant – and make the batteries modular – and you have a wide range of applications for it
  • Focus: Testing and simulation systems - We show how the various test methods work, why they are important for developers, and the value of having in-house facilities
  • PS: Hydrogen fuel cells - Will fuel cells provide a long-term solution for motive power, or are they just a fill-in until battery technology improves?

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