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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 007

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Elaphe L1500 in-wheel motor, a conversation with Henrik Fisker the founder of Fisker Inc and a digest on the vRbikes vR3 tricycle. We have focuses on fuel cells, measuring equipment and ECUs. We have a deep insight into EMI and much more...

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  • Intro - As airlines grapple with the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown, hydrogen fuel cells could prove to be their saviour
  • The Grid - Renault unveils an EV that can be made longer to extend its range, Ricardo completes its transmission analysis toolchain, an electric version of Supacat’s ATMP, and much more...
  • In conversation: Henrik Fisker - The founder of Fisker Inc explains his plans for launching a mass-market all-electric SUV
  • Dossier: Elaphe L1500 in-wheel motor - The L1500 has been designed for use in a range of OEM electric and hybrid vehicles – here’s how it was developed
  • Focus: Fuel cells - We take you through the complexities of designing and developing a fuel cell
  • Digest: vRbikes vR3 - Two wheels good, three wheels better, as this cargo carrying tricycle amply demonstrates
  • Deep insight: EMI - How to protect EVs from EMI, and why designers need to consider it from the outset
  • Focus: Measuring equipment - The ways in which metrology equipment suppliers are rising to the particular challenges presented by EV manufacture
  • Focus: ECUs - We identify the latest trends in ECU development and explain the factors behind them
  • PS: Solid-state batteries - A round-up of the research into efforts to find successors to lithium-ion chemistry

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