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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 013

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Lightyear One solar-powered car, a conversation with Allan Paterson the head of r&d at Britishvolt and a digest on the Ricardo Tees Valley hydrogen bus. We have focuses on solid-state batteries and solar power as well as a report on the Battery Show Europe 2021 and much more...

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  • Intro - A move to solid-state batteries, and developments in solar cell technology, point to 2030 as a key date for new EV designs
  • The Grid - BMW offers classic Mini conversion option to all-electric propulsion, lithium-air battery with far greater energy density than lithium-ion announced, Pionix develops software to address fragmented charging infrastructure, and much more...
  • In Conversation: Allan Paterson - The head of r&d at Britishvolt explains his role in establishing the UK’s first Gigafactory
  • Dossier: Lightyear One - This solar-powered roadcar has been designed to avoid ever having to be recharged from an electricity grid – we show how its developers achieved that
  • Focus: Solid-state batteries - Dispensing with liquid electrolytes gives this technology some major advantages, but researchers still need to overcome various obstacles to make them ready for mainstream use
  • Report: Battery Show Europe 2021 - Our round-up of product highlights at this show, where a key theme was methods of containing thermal runaway
  • Digest: Ricardo Tees Valley hydrogen bus - Hydrogen-electric buses make a lot of sense for out-of-town routes and operating in cold weather, factors that were behind this vehicle’s development
  • Focus: Solar power - A tipping point is approaching for EVs powered by solar cells, once a few remaining issues have been solved. We report on the latest technologies and advances to address them
  • PS: Electric trams and trolley buses - How modern electrical storage, recovery and charging systems are driving a renaissance in these urban transport vehicles

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