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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 015

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the EMotive Scarab and a conversation with Giulio Ornella, Dana’s VP of light vehicle electrification. We have a digest on the Alpha Motor Corporation alongside a deep insight into automated charging. Our focus articles cover HVAC systems, Hall effect and magnetic sensors, we investigate the challenge of batteries for heavy-duty EVs plus much more...

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  • Intro - Emerging standards and technology innovations for charging are helping to foster more efficient and effective commercial vehicle designs
  • The Grid - Power Integrations unveils gate driver boards for large EVs, Aqua Metals harvests high-purity cobalt from lithiumion cell black mass, process for reducing the amount of neodymium in magnets announced, and much more...
  • In Conversation: Giulio Ornella - Dana’s VP of light vehicle electrification explains how he’s brought engineering expertise from company acquisitions under one roof
  • Dossier: EMotive Scarab - More than 20 years since its genesis, this six-wheeled heavy carrier should soon be ready for deployment in a host of different applications
  • Focus: Hall effect and magnetic sensors - How advances in Hall effect and other magnetic sensor technologies are leading to their wider adoption in EVs
  • Challenge of: Batteries for heavy-duty EVs - We find out what battery manufacturers see as the perfect pack for heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Digest: Alpha Motor Corporation - The launch of Alpha’s Saga sedan will be the latest example of its policy of efficient manufacturing of a range of EVs
  • Deep insight: Automated charging - Why faster charging at higher power is creating the need for robotic and other automated charging systems, as these emerging techniques bear out
  • Focus: HVAC systems - Energy efficiency is vital for HVAC systems in EVs, prompting developers to tackle the issue in a range of ways
  • PS: Nuclear ‘batteries’ - The promise that nuclear diamond cells hold for vehicles ranging from tiny robots to long endurance underwater vehicles

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