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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 020

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the magniX magni350, 650 and magniDrive 100  and we have a conversation with Ian Foley the CEO of Equipmake. Our deep insight delves into LFP batteries and our digest article investigates the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Innovation.  Our focus articles cover fuses and circuit protection as well as adhesives.  We have a show report from the Battery Show Europe 2023 plus much more...

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E-MOBILITY ENGINEERING 020 – July/August 2023

  • Intro - Having the right information, that is up to date, is essential to making the right engineering choices for future EV designs
  • The Grid - Littelfuse develops thyristor-based charger, maiden voyage for A-zero emissions barge, researchers unveil calcium battery, and much more...
  • In Conversation: Ian Foley - The CEO of Equipmake tells us how this former engineering consultancy is now focused on r&d and scale production of e-motors and inverters
  • Dossier: magniX magni350, 650 and magniDrive 100 - How this company, one of the few of its kind, has developed these e-powertrains and inverter for crewed aircraft
  • Focus: Fuses and circuit protection - Along with rising EV system voltages and currents come greater demands on circuit protection. We report on how those demands are being met
  • Report: Battery Show Europe 2023 - Our pick of the technology advances that were on display here, where there was a decidedly green/circular economy emphasis
  • Digest: Rolls-Royce Spirit of Innovation - What does it take to design and build the world’s fastest electric aircraft? Read our report and find out
  • Deep insight: LFP batteries - LFP technology has improved to the point where the cells are now viable for a range of e-mobility applications
  • Focus: Adhesives - How adhesives suppliers are responding to the emerging developments and trends in manufacturing EVs
  • PS: Squaring the circular economy - Leasing vehicles is commonplace; now there is potential to lease component parts to allow parts suppliers to reuse materials

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