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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 023

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the H3X and we have a conversation with Scania AB’s head of battery production Tony Persson. Our deep insight delves into immersion cooling and our digest article investigates the Pulse 63 electric RHIB. Our focus articles cover battery inspection and phase change materials as well as an insight into battery coatings plus much more…

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E-MOBILITY ENGINEERING 023 – February/March 2024

  • Intro - Materials are a key to e-mobility designs, whether for lightweight structures or with the latest developments in battery coatings, or for exploitation of phase change materials
  • The Grid - We consider how axial flux motors and in-fan motors are driving innovation on the ground and in the air, new LFP cells that charge in only six minutes and much more…
  • In conversation: Tony Persson - Scania AB’s head of battery production explains his company’s key role in the development of electric vehicles for demanding applications
  • Dossier: H3X - How the Colorado-based firm is boosting the power density of its motor drives to take electric aircraft even further
  • Focus: Phase change materials - Phase change materials offer intriguing possibilities in the thermal management of EV powertrains
  • Insight: Battery coatings - We find complex challenges within the development of coatings for battery applications
  • Digest: Pulse 63 electric RHIB - We explore a new generation rigid hull inflatable boat that obtains benchmark performance from electrical energy
  • Deep insight: Immersion cooling - Discussing the advantages of immersion cooling and the various forms that approach can take
  • Focus: Battery inspection - Getting inside a battery to check its integrity or to trace a fault in a non-destructive manner is technologically challenging, as we explain
  • PS: A question of bandgap - Wide bandgap semiconductors can be SiC or GaN: which would win in a fight? We explore that question

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