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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 025

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the H2D2 snow groomer and we have a conversation with Monolith’s CEO Dr Richard Ahlfeld. Our deep insight delves into battery energy density and our digest article investigates Electrogenic’s E-type conversion. We have an insight into coil windings and our focus articles cover battery sealing and thermal runaway prevention plus much more…

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  • Intro - Engineers are working towards the ‘Plateau of Productivity’ when it comes to designing the tech of the future
  • The Grid - E-mobility power management standard, eVTOL vehicle with US certification, building lighter components with 3D-printing, propulsion boost, doubling battery density, electron beam welding, and more…
  • In conversation: Dr Richard Ahlfeld - Monolith’s CEO has worked on NASA’s space systems and now he is improving powertrain development roadmaps with AI
  • Dossier: H2D2 snow groomer - A project is making it happen for ‘possibly the hardest type of vehicle to electrify’
  • Focus: Battery sealing - Why choosing the right material and process can be tricky
  • Insight: Coil windings - Electric machines are not as simple as they look and coil windings have a crucial role to play in magnetic attraction
  • Digest: Electrogenic E-type conversion - One developer of electric powertrains is carrying out bespoke conversions of classic models
  • Deep insight: Battery energy density - An array of strategies are being used to get more oomph out of battery cells, bringing thermal management challenges
  • Focus: Thermal runaway prevention - Stopping thermal runaway starts with cell engineering and design, and electrochemical development
  • PS: Battery repair and recycling - An uncomfortable truth is that EV batteries have higher than expected failure rates and they are costly to repair, while their actual condition is difficult to assess

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