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24 Hour Race Technology - Volume 3

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on Audi's R15 and Insights into Peugeot, Aston Martin, Ferrari, BMW and HPD cars. 

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July 2009

Officially endorsed by the ACO, 24 Hour Race Technology provides an annual review of the engineering spectacle that is Le Mans, highlighting why certain technologies are to the fore. Both Prototype and GT cars are analysed in depth in this uniquely focused appraisal of the world’s greatest twice-around-the-clock race, revealing many secrets of performance.

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Are the elephants becoming extinct?
  • Upfront: GRID - With new teams and old teams in new classes, the times arecertainly changing.
  • Insight: PEUGEOT - Victorious At Last – the Peugeot 908 Hdi FAP lifts the Le Mans 24 Hour crown.
  • Dossier: GASOLINE VERSUS DIESEL - The Battle For Equality – the old question of petrol versusdiesel rages on.
  • Dossier: AUDI R15 - A Fresh Start – the new Audi R15 showed great promise.
  • Insight: RACE TO ROAD (NISSAN GTR) - Flying Like The Wind – inside the new Nissan R35 GTR.
  • Insight: ASTON MARTIN CELEBRATION - Promising Anniversary Return – Aston Martin shines againafter 50 years.
  • Insight: FERRARI - The Dominator – Ferrari’s domination of the LM GT2 classwas complete.
  • Insight: BMW & HPD - Two newcomers, the BMW M3 and Honda Acura, make a strong showing.
  • PADDOCK - Who is who in Le Mans car engineering.
  • PS: TOYOTA NOSE DIFFUSER - How important the nose diffuser is.

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