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Alternative Race Technology - Volume 2

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Dr Wolfgang Warnecke, insights into the YR45 hybrid engine, hybrid system integration and battery modelling. A dossier on the Drive EO PP03 Pikes Peak, a tech review of Formula E and a special investigation into motor materials as well as focus a article covering hybrid and EV safety. 

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July 2015

The face of motorsport is changing and alternative powertrain technologies are starting to become commonplace. The inaugural season of the FIA Formula E championship is well underway and both Formula One and the WEC have adopted cutting edge hybrid power-units. In this, the second issue of Alternative Race Technology, we will look across the broad gamut of racing types where alternative technologies are being deployed. The content of the issue will include an in-depth dossier feature on the stunning 1000kW Drive eO Pikes Peak challenger, which pushes the boundaries of EV performance to previously unseen heights. Looking to the only EV World Championship, Formula E will be examined, with a technical review looking at the first year of competition and the technical changes proposed for the future.

In addition to looking at individual vehicles, in-depth technical features will cover specific areas of technology. The main Focus feature will study the challenges of building and running electric and hybrid vehicles safely, looking at both the physical challenges of packaging high voltage systems and the methodologies and protocols that have been developed to ensure their safe handling. Smaller special investigations will also cover the integration of hybrid components with overall vehicle systems, battery modelling & simulation and electric motor materials.

Alternative Race Technology is dedicated to the analysis of the new technologies that are starting to change the face of motorsport. The future is here now; explore its exciting novelties through this unique technical publication!

Contents include:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR 
  • Grid - The latest news from the world of alternative power motorsport 
  • Dossier: DRIVE EO PP03 PIKES PEAK - The record setting 2015 hillclimb winner dissected 
  • Insight: YR45 HYBRID ENGINE - Dr Hayashi explains the operation of his novel exhaust energy recovery system 
  • In Conversation: DR WOLFGANG WARNECKE - Shell’s scientist tasked with future fuels development talks motorsport 
  • Insight: HYBRID SYSTEMS INTEGRATION - Anthony Law looks at the design considerations for hybrid vehicles 
  • Insight: BATTERY MODELLING - How does one go about modelling the behaviour of batteries and fuel cells? 
  • Tech Review: FORMULA E - What lessons have been learnt from the first year of Formula E competition? 
  • Focus: HYBRID AND EV SAFETY - How are racers and regulators overcoming the challenges of keeping emerging technologies safe? 
  • Special Investigation: MOTOR MATERIALS - Stewart Mitchell looks at the advanced materials used in racing electric motors 
  • PS: Progress - EVs at Pikes Peak are not a new occurence

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