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Cup Race Technology - Volume 2

Highlights in the issue include the Anatomy of the MWR Toyota and Focus articles covering COT Aerodynamics, Engineering the COT and COT Transmission. 

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March 2010

Although stock-appearing, running oval tracks at 200 mph the Cup car generates huge aerodynamic forces. Under the skin the Cup car is purpose-designed for racing albeit around some mandatory components that are strangely archaic. It all adds up to a fascinating engineering challenge. Published annually, Cup Race Technology explains in depth how some of the finest minds in motorsport rise to this fascinating and unique challenge.

Contents are:

  • Insight: NASCAR ENGINEERING TOOLS - What tools are available to COT engineers for off-track testing and development?
  • Anatomy: THE MWR TOYOTA - We tear down the Michael Waltrip Racing NASCAR Cup Car of Tomorrow
  • Focus: COT AERODYNAMICS - How NASCAR teams test and improve the aerodynamics of the COT
  • Focus: ENGINEERING THE COT V8 - NASCAR teams are translating the rules into new engine designs and development
  • Focus: COT TRANSMISSION - Despite the rules there is still plenty of scope for gearbox development
  • Insight: DRIVING THE COT - How NASCAR drivers adjust driving styles and car set-ups for the various circuits
  • GRID - The advent of fuel injection in NASCAR
  • PS: PUTTING ON THE BRAKES - Brake systems aren’t an issue at NASCAR circuits – with one exception

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