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Race Engine Technology - Issue 001
Highlights in this issue include Profiles of the Comptech Chevy Indy V8, the IES JIV6 LM P2 and the Cosworth XFE CART V8 and insights into Advanced Digital Manufacturing and Sachs F1 Clutches.
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Issue 1 - Summer 2003

  • Insight: THE FORMULA ONE ENGINE - Grand Prix technology from the DFV to 2003
  • Interview: JACK SPARKS - The boss of Carrillo on con rod technology
  • Profile: COMPTECH CHEVY INDY V8 - Inside an engine that won the pole at Indy
  • Musings: CARROLL SMITH - A chassis guru’s views on engine builders
  • Insight: SACHS FORMULA ONE CLUTCH - The development of a flyweight clutch
  • Backroom Boys: RICK LONG - Talking to the owner of Speedway Engines
  • Profile: IES JIV6 - The design of a wide angle Le Mans engine
  • Powertrain Shop: EMCO INDIANAPOLIS - Inside a racing transmission specialist
  • Insight: ADVANCED DIGITAL MANUFACTURING - Technology which will revolutionise engines
  • State Of The Art: BOSCH DIRECT INJECTION - How direct injection came to the Le Mans race
  • Profile: COSWORTH XFE - The development of a high mileage V8 for CART
  • Classic Engine: MERCECES-BENZ 500I - Inside the ultimate Indianapolis pushrod V8

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