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Race Engine Technology - Issue 002

Highlights in this issue include Profiles of the Prodrive Ferrari Le Mans V10, the Chevrolet GEN III IRL V8 and NME's Indy-based Hillclimb V8 plus Part 1 of a Special Investigation into Intake Design. 


Issue 2 - Autumn 2003

  • Profile: BENTLEY LE MANS ENGINE - Inside the V8 turbo that won Le Mans 
  • State Of The Art: FSI DIRECT INJECTION - Details of how FSI came to Le Mans
  • Musings: IAN BAMSEY - Comment on Formula One engine output
  • Profile: PRODRIVE FERRARI LE MANS ENGINE - Inside the charismatic V12 GTS contender
  • Special Investigation: INTAKE DESIGN Part 1 - How to design around mandatory air restrictors
  • Profile: CHEVROLET GEN III IRL ENGINE - The problems that beset the 2003 GM V8
  • Interview: LEE WHITE, TRD - Talking to Toyota’s US race engine boss
  • Profile: NME HILLCLIMB ENGINE - How an ex-CART V8 is flourishing on the hills
  • Classic Engine: AUTO UNION V16 - Inside the supercharged Grand Prix great

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