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Race Engine Technology - Issue 004

Highlights of this issue include Profiles of Corvette's Le Mans engine and the Asiatech F1 V10 plus Focus articles on Coatings and Valves. 

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Issue 4 - Spring 2004

  • Short Take: FERRARI V10 - The 049 F1 engine of 2000 exposed
  • Profile: CORVETTE LE MANS ENGINE - Keeping a pushrod V8 competitive for 24 hours
  • Focus:COATINGS - State of the DLC Art
  • Focus:COATINGS: SOREVI - French DLC coatings
  • Focus:COATINGS: ICC - More French DLC coatings
  • Insight: RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY FORUM - Highlights of our forum at PRI
  • Insight: HUSABERG-ROTON - Development of a rotary valve four-stroke
  • Focus:VALVES: MANLEY - An all-American valve manufacturer’s tech
  • Focus:VALVES: NASCAR DESIGN CRITERIA - Investigating the optimum for Cup engines
  • Profile: ASIATECH F1 ENGINE - Inside a very recent Formula One V10
  • Backroom Boys: ALAN WARDROPPER - The man behind Scholar engines
  • INTERNATIONAL RACE ENGINE DIRECTORY: NASCAR - All the 2004 ‘Cup engine builders

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