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Race Engine Technology - Issue 011

Highlights of this issue include a Profile of Hendrick's NASCAR Cup V8, a Short Take of Yamaha's MotoGP I4 and Part 3 of a Special Investigation into Valvetrain Design. 

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Issue 11 - November/December 2005

  • In Conversation: MARK PARISH - Talking to the engine boss of Formula One’s underdog team about one of its best-ever engines
  • Profile: HENDRICK CUP V8 - An unprecedented in-depth insight into a contemporary NASCAR Nextel Cup V8 engine
  • Report: VALVETRAIN DESIGN PART 3/1 - Our continuing insight into valvetrain design looks at the case of the bucket tappet
  • Raceshop: SOREVI - The DLC coating of pistons is a genuine innovation: we visited Sorevi for the full story
  • Insight: BIOETHANOL - It is widely accepted as a fuel of the future: fuels expert John Coxon explains how and why
  • Short Take: YAMAHA MOTOGP 4 - We look at the development of the engine that has allowed Rossi to dominate the Grand Prix season
  • Time Machine: BMW’S SECRET V12s - Revealing the V12 Formula One engines that BMW made between its turbo years and the current V10/V8 programme
  • Time Machine: TOYOTA TURBO POWER - Recalling a 1000 bhp Le Mans qualifying engine designed by the current head of Toyota’s F1 programme
  • INTERNATIONAL RACE ENGINE DIRECTORY: NHRA - The 2005 Top Fuel engine builders
  • PS: STEAMCAR - Looking for a new steam speed record

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