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Race Engine Technology - Issue 027

Highlights in this issue include a Profile of the Hendrick NASCAR Chevrolet R07, MotoGP Fuel Games and a Focus article covering Valves. 

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Issue 27 - December/January 2008

  • Preview: AUTOSPORT ENGINEERING - 2008 opens with new tech on display in England’s motorsportheartland
  • Profile: HENDRICK R07 - How the NASCAR power leader is coping with the latest Chevrolet
  • Report: RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR - How the Toyota Hybrid beat MotoGP and Le Mans engines in 2007
  • Insight: BACK TO BASICS - Professor Blair on ‘Fundamentals and Empiricism in Engine Design’
  • Motorcycle: MOTOGP FUEL GAMES - Neil Spalding looks at what is inside the airboxes of the contenders
  • Supply Chain: RICHARD CHILDRESS RACING - How the NASCAR Chevrolet exponent works with its suppliers
  • Focus: VALVES - How valve suppliers view current and future tech
  • GRID - The Race Engine Technology world
  • EXPO - News from suppliers to race engine builders 
  • IRED: WORLD SUPERBIKE - The 2007/2008 engine builders
  • PS - Sabotage!

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