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Race Engine Technology - Issue 036

Highlights in this issue include Dossiers on Wakinshaw Racing's Supercar V8 and the EDL K2000 Touring Car I4, Part 2 of a Special Investigation into Valve Spring Operation and Focus articles covering Piston Pins and Exhausts. 

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Issue 36 - February 2009

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - In spite of the prevailing global economic situation, Ian Bamsey finds much to look forward to in racing powertrain technology this season
  • Upfront: GRID - We discuss the arrival of a new Ford NASCAR Cup V8, changes in Formula One, in Prototypes, in Sprint Cars and more
  • Preview: RET MONITOR - This year sees the launch of a free, targeted on-line information service from RET, which will assist you in your work, with mission-critical info. Register now at www.ret-monitor.com
  • Dossier: WALKINSHAW RACING V8 - The biggest form of racing down under is V8 Supercars – Ian Bamsey looks inside the top GM/Holden contender
  • Focus: PISTON PINS - Call them ‘gudgeon pins’ or ‘wrist pins’; they play a vital role in the race engine. This is the state of the art in the technology…
  • Expo: PMWE & PRI - Two major industry trade shows wrapped up 2008 – Ian Bamsey weighs up what they had to offer for the coming racing season
  • Special Investigation: VALVE SPRINGS - Professor Blair and his learned associates continue their detailed and revealing investigation of coil spring behaviour
  • Motorcycle: BMW - As World Superbike racing anticipated the arrival of the Munich marque, Neil Spalding enjoyed a sneak winter preview…
  • Focus: EXHAUSTS - Jack Kane considers the technology of a hot and bulky yet all too often overlooked key to race engine performance
  • Dossier: EDL K2000 - EDL doesn’t only do pure race engines – Tom Sharp finds out how it tackled the challenge of a production-based Super 2000 I4
  • PS: BERYLLIUM PINS - The editor would like to introduce his latest acquisition: a piston pin made from pure beryllium in a steel sleeve…

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