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Race Engine Technology - Issue 042

Highlights in this issue include Dossiers on the Puma Top Fuel Motorcycle I4 and a Nissan Pro Mod V6 turbo plus Focus articles covering Machine Tools and Heads and Blocks. 

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Issue 42 - November 2009

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Ian Bamsey admits his surprise at discovering a new level of sophistication in supercharged, nitromethane-fuelled race engines
  • Upfront: GRID - Cosworth returns to Formula One; Ford gets Petty; NASCAR goes injected; swap firing order in Top Fuel and more…
  • Dossier: PUMA TOP FUEL MOTORCYCLE I4 - Puma Engineering produces the world’s most powerful motorcycle engines. We reveal what makes these blown fuel motors so effective
  • Musings: PAUL WEIGHELL on KERS - Have the Formula One teams made a fundamental mistake by jointly agreeing not to employ KERS in 2010?
  • Focus: HEADS AND BLOCKS - Wayne Ward discusses the state of the art in the technology of components forming key aspects of a race engine’s architecture
  • Insight: ORAL MOTOGP I3 - We discuss the return of legendary Ferrari engine designer Mauro Forghieri to international racing, this time in MotoGP
  • Dossier: NISSAN V6 TURBO - Ian Bamsey investigates the pioneering Project Zed, which aims to take a Nissan V6-engined turbocar into the five-second zone
  • Short take: LESSMAN STREAMLINER - The Lessman Streamliner continues to explore the plus-300 mph zone as it edges towards its next target of 400 mph… on CNG
  • Expo: THE PRI SHOW - We look back at how the phenomenon that is the modern racing industry tradeshow started with PRI way back in 1988
  • Focus: MACHINE TOOLS - Race engine quality is ultimately down to the processes and machines used during manufacture: Jack Murtagh reports
  • Insight: LSR STEAM CAR - Paul Weighell explores the innovative British Land Speed Record breaker that this year put steam power back into the limelight
  • RER: ADRL - Anne Proffit investigates the American Drag Racing League, which tests engines over the eighth mile with lots of technical freedom
  • PS: COSWORTH XB 1993 - How the XB was the best engine at Indianapolis in 1993 but didn’t win - in spite of Mansell’s valiant late-race effort

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