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Race Engine Technology - Issue 052

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on the Lamborghini V12 GT1 and Focus articles covering Exhaust Systems and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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Issue 52 - February 2011

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - We can still admire the harmonious notes of the V12 in GT1 racing – for the time being at least
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Le Mans set for a return to Group C freedom; Formula One welcomes KERS again; EFI is coming to NASCAR, and more…
  • In Conversation: SONNY LEONARD - Anne Proffit talks to the man whose name has become synonymous with big-block engines
  • Dossier: LAMBORGHINI V12 GT1 - Ian Bamsey discovers how Breuer Technical Development created a winning GT engine from Lamborghini’s almost half-century-old V12
  • Motorcycle: MOTO3 PACKAGING - How can you get a 250 cc four-stroke single into a 125 two-stroke package? Neil Spalding finds out
  • Focus: EXHAUST SYSTEMS - Wayne Ward explains the crucial role played by exhaust systems in helping to maximise the performance of race engines
  • Musings: FORD AND MOUNTUNE AT LE MANS - As Ford re-enters the Prototype spotlight, Ian Bamsey considers Mountune’s Duratec-based LM P1 and LM P2 engines
  • Focus: COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS - With CFD finding growing use in race engine design, Wayne Ward and Phil Virr give an insight into the technology
  • Expo: IMIS & PRI 2010 - Ian Bamsey reports on the IMIS and PRI, where the global racing industry congregated in December
  • PS: THE LAMBORGHINI V12 - A potted history of this genuine classic’s various incarnations

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