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Race Engine Technology - Issue 054

Highlights in this issue include an exclusive Insight into Toyota F1 engine development, an Insight into Esslinger's EST Midget I4 and Focus articles covering Valve Springs and Dynamometers.

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Issue 54 - May 2011

This is the much anticipated 2nd issue covering the Toyota F1 engine!

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - We welcome three new Technical Consultants to RET, and their wealth of expert knowledge
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Grand Prix powertrain struggles in 2011, Audi confirms details of its Le Mans Prototype turbodiesel, and more…
  • In Conversation: ANDERSON & LINE - Ian Bamsey talks to KB Racing duo Greg Anderson and Jason Line about the challenges of Pro Stock racing
  • Exclusive Insight: TOYOTA F1 ENGINE DEVELOPMENT - Ian Bamsey explores the evolution of the Toyota Formula One engine, revealing the technology underpinning modern Grand Prix racing
  • Insight: ADVANCED MANUFACTURING - Piston rods – and more – structured like animal bones? We now have the technology, as John Stowe explains
  • Focus: VALVE SPRINGS - There’s a lot more to the manufacture and use of valve springs than you might imagine. Wayne Ward reports
  • Expo: RACE RETRO - Ian Bamsey seeks out the powertrain interest at the 2011 Race Retro, the show for the booming historic racing scene
  • Insight: ESSLINGER EST MIDGET I4 - Anne Proffit looks at how Esslinger Engineering is bringing electronic fuel injection to Midget racing
  • Formula Student: OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY POWERTRAIN - Calum Douglas introduces the ambitious Formula Student project by Oxford Brookes University to build a four-stroke 600 cc vee twin powertrain
  • Motorcycle: TRANSMISSIONS - As Honda unveils its latest race transmission, Neil Spalding examines the whys and wherefores of seamless shift systems
  • Focus: DYNAMOMETERS - Wayne Ward gives a rundown of the types of dyno available and the tests they’re used for
  • Musings: AETC - Jack Kane reflects on the most recent of the annual Advanced Engineering Technology Conference events
  • PS: HONDA V6 - Honda’s move next year to a V6 turbo for IndyCar racing reminds Ian Bamsey of its 1980s race engine adventure

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