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Race Engine Technology – Issue 074

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Austin Coil & reports from Le Mans GT. A dossier on the EDL DC Indycar V6 Turbo as well as a look at the Baker LSX Pro Mod. An insight into the AER P60 as well as focus articles covering surface treatments & water pumps 

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Issue 74 - November 2013

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Lotus’ loss is our gain as EDL shares the secrets of its ill-fated IndyCar engine 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Nissan decides against the hybrid route for the ZEOD, Ford backs RYE’s superspeedway V6 twin turbo, Zytek joins the LM P1 fray, and much more… 
  • In Conversation: AUSTIN COIL - Funny Car tuning ace Austin Coil tells Anne Proffit why, after half a lifetime, he’s left the drag racing scene 
  • Dossier: EDL DC INDYCAR V6 TURBO - Ian Bamsey provides an unprecedented insight into contemporary IndyCar engine technology by uncloaking EDL’s DC Lotus IndyCar engine 
  • Motorcycle: MOTOGP - Neil Spalding appraises the bike with which Suzuki intends to re-enter MotoGP 
  • Focus: SURFACE TREATMENTS - Wayne Ward examines the growing range of techniques for reducing frictional losses and improving reliability in powertrain components 
  • Report: LE MANS GT - Ian Bamsey and Anne Proffit investigate the state of the art of GT race engine technology as revealed at Le Mans in 2013 
  • Race Engine Digest: BAKER LSX PRO MOD - Lawrence Butcher reports on how one Pro Mod engine developer looks set to give the Hemis a run for their money 
  • Focus: WATER PUMPS - David Cooper gives a user’s guide to the water pump, and examines its role in assuring a race engine’s performance and reliability 
  • Insight: AER P60 - Ian Bamsey discusses the design philosophy behind AER’s new-generation LM P1 customer engine with company owner Mike Lancaster 
  • PS: RACING 1000 FT - Funny Car veteran Austin Coil shares his thoughts with Anne Proffit on whether the NHRA should revert to quarter-mile racing

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