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Race Engine Technology - Issue 077

Highlights in this issue include an insight into Honda formula one engine technology & a dossier on Steve Schmidt Competition Engines X275 V8. Reports from the Daytona 24hours, Autosport International, the AETC and CARS. An introduction  to the Project EV100 as well as focus articles covering machine tools, heads and blocks.

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Issue 77 - March/April 2014

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - It’s all change this year for race series right across the board – things will never be the same again 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Porsche 919 – son of 917? Titanium Metal Supply teams up with John Force Racing, new type of contactless linear position sensor unveiled, and much more… 
  • Insight: HONDA FORMULA ONE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY - As Honda prepares to return to Formula One, Ian Bamsey considers what has been officially revealed about its recent engine technology 
  • Report: DAYTONA 24 HOURS 2014 PROTOTYPE ENGINES - Anne Proffit reports from the race where LM P2 and Daytona Prototype engines competed head to head for the first time ever 
  • Dossier: STEVE SCHMIDT COMPETITION ENGINES X275 V8 - Ian Bamsey investigates a keenly priced customer race engine from Steve Schmidt Competition Engines that produces almost 2500 bhp 
  • Musings: JACK KANE ON AETC 2013 - Jack Kane presents a personal account of the most recent instalment of this engine technology conference 
  • Focus: MACHINE TOOLS - Techniques for making race engine components have beenrevolutionised in the past 15 years thanks to new machinery, as Wayne Ward reports 
  • Alternative Race Technology:PROJECT EV1000 - Rob Moon introduces Project EV1000, which he will be documenting through its 2015 electric motorcycle acceleration record attempt 
  • Report: AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL - Ian Bamsey reports from the launch of the 2014 motorsport season, the annual Autosport International extravaganza 
  • Report: CARS 2013 - In December 2013, Ian Bamsey visited the emergent Charlotte Auto Racing Show in search of innovation 
  • Focus: HEADS AND BLOCKS - David Cooper reports on developments in cylinder heads and blocks – arguably the pre-eminent parts of a race engine 
  • PS: LOW-CARBON PROTOTYPES AND INDYCARS - Interesting possibilities emerge from the Low Carbon Racing conference about the future direction of LM P1 and IndyCar technology

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