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Race Engine Technology - Issue 082

Highlights in this issue include insights into rallying Boxer engines, nanotechnology lubricant & robotic racing as well as an update on the Corvette GTE/GT LM V8. A dossier on the ECR Chevrolet 5.5l DP V8, a look at the Mugen Shinden San TT Zero & the Mistral Hayabusa I4 Turbo BHCC. In conversation with Andy Cowell & Rob White as well as focus articles covering crankshafts, data acquisition & sensors. 

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Issue 82 - November 2014

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Formula One might do well to take a leaf out of Prototype racing’s book if it’s to remain the premier race series 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - NASCAR finally ditches flat tappets, Formula E takes the stage, Audi sets a respectable lap time at Hockenheim with a driverless car, and much more… 
  • In Conversation: ANDY COWELL AND ROB WHITE - Lawrence Butcher quizzes these two captains of motorsport for their opinions on modern Formula One powertrains 
  • Dossier: ECR CHEVROLET 5.5 LITRE DP V8 - Ian Bamsey investigates the 2014 Daytona 24 Hour-winning Chevrolet V8 from NASCAR specialist Earnhardt Childress Racing Engines 
  • Update: CORVETTE GTE/GT LM V8 - Ian Bamsey investigates the on-track performance of the new-for-2014 direct injected version of the Corvette Le Mans race engine 
  • Alternative Power: MUGEN SHINDEN SAN TT ZERO - Lawrence Butcher gleans some early details about the powertrain of this innovative electric race bike 
  • Focus: CRANKSHAFTS - David Cooper examines the key factors in designing and making a crankshaft for optimum performance and reliability 
  • Insight: RALLYING BOXER ENGINES - New and upcoming versions of boxer-based rally cars are helping to secure the future of this classic configuration, reports Jon Scoltock 
  • Motorcycle: MOTOGP 2014 - Ducati has swapped rule books and is campaigning this year with a higher fuel allowance. Neil Spalding reports 
  • Focus: DATA ACQUISITION AND SENSORS - Wayne Ward explains how racing teams get the numbers they need to obtain – and maintain – optimum engine performance 
  • Insight: NANOTECHNOLOGY LUBRICANT -Harley Gasson reports on claims of some startling results achieved using a new, nanotechnology-based engine oil 
  • Race Engine Digest: MISTRAL HAYABUSA I4 TURBO BHCC - Motorcycle-engined hillclimbers may be nothing new but, as Jon Scoltock reports, the version described here could clinch top honours 
  • Insight: ROBOTIC RACING - How far off are we from seeing driverless cars in the various race series? Motorsport experts share their predictions with Ian Bamsey 
  • PS: THE ROVER V8 - David Wood recalls the development history of the racing versions of the 3.5 litre Rover V8

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