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Race Engine Technology - Issue 103

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Malcolm Tyrrell on the 50th anniversary of the Cosworth DFV, a dossier on the Cadillac DPI-V.R V8, insights into HPD and Alonso at Indianapolis and motocross con rod design. Focuses on valves and wiring  and the challenges of new technical freedoms in the WRC.

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Issue 103 - June/July 2017

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - The rules framework and manufacturer support across the Triple Crown of Formula One, IndyCar and LM P1 are looking stable and strong
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Prospect of third manufacturer to IndyCar heralds prospect of new engine, interest grows in cloud computing for simulation, and much more…
  • In Conversation: MALCOLM TYRRELL - On the 50th anniversary of the Cosworth DFV, Malcolm Tyrrell tells Stewart Mitchell what it was like to work on it
  • Dossier: CADILLAC DPI-V.R V8 - Mike Magda reports on how this Daytona Prototype-winning engine was developed in less than six months
  • Insight: HPD AND ALONSO AT INDIANAPOLIS -Ian Bamsey and Anne Proffit look from the engine perspective at Fernando Alonso’s 2017 Indianapolis 500 campaign
  • Focus: VALVES - As valve technology continues to evolve, Matt Grant discusses the key developments over the past few years
  • Race Engine Digest: PAC PERFORMANCE MAZDA 6 SP DRAGSTER - Stewart Mitchell looks at how a team of rotary engine experts has produced one of the fastest drag racers of its kind in the world
  • Insight: MOTOCROSS CON ROD DESIGN - Stewart Mitchell learns how one company has developed a lightweight con rod that could give motocross riders a winning edge
  • Focus: WIRING - The growing emphasis on the electrical and electronic aspects of race vehicles is placing fresh demands on their wiring systems, as Stewart Mitchell explains
  • Challenge Of: WRC - New technical freedoms in the WRC are making life interesting for engineers, reports Lawrence Butcher
  • PS: PORSCHE INDY BOXER - Ian Bamsey recalls Porsche’s stillborn IndyCar turbo project of the late 1970s

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