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Race Engine Technology - Issues 124 & 125

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124 & 125 

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For four heady years of competition between up to four manufacturers, the World Endurance Championship lived the true spirit of technical innovation within the quest for fuel efficiency, more so even than contemporary Formula One. For the last three of those four years - 2015 through 2017 - Porsche - after a learning year returning to Prototype racing in 2014 - won Le Mans and the Manufacturers’ title in the World Endurance Championship each season.

Porsche’s 900 bhp power unit for its 2014-2017 919 LM P1 car demonstrated what is possible when the quest is to maximise performance from a given amount of fuel within the context of a hybridised power unit and without the shackles current rules impose upon the Formula One power plant. This is a World title winning hybrid powertrain that is not a refinement within a template imposed by rule makers but one optimally designed as fit for purpose.

So much information has been supplied to RET that the V4 engine is profiled in depth in issue 124, with a follow-up on the electrical hybridisation system in issue 125. Thus RET 124 presents the full story of a remarkable engine that went on to allow a ‘formula libre’ version of the Porsche 919 to set new lap time benchmarks at Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 2018.

Race Engine Technology’s full report of the Porsche V4 in issue 124 spans no less than 21 pages, and is a must-read for anyone involved in racing technology. It is an unrivalled investigation into the state of the art in fuel flow-limited racing. Don’t miss what will be one of the most exclusive and talked about issues of RET of recent times!

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