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Race Engine Technology - Issue 145

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Rodin RC10 V10 Turbo and our new upfront feature covers Daytona. Our challenge of investigates the Classic Norton, alongside a show report from PRI 2022. Our focus articles cover advanced alloys, coolers and radiators and we look at the Stark VARG MotoX as well as the E1 Series Racebird powerboat plus much more…

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RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY 145 February/March 2023

  • Intro: The Editor - Porsche has returned to Le Mans with a new contender to meet the tough new challenge of racing within a given power curve
  • Upfront: Daytona - In this new section, we start by looking at how the different powertrains for IMSA’s GTP series compare
  • Upfront: Grid - IndyCar ditches its switch from 2.2 to 2.4 litre engines, Nissan says it is expanding its latest GT4 racecar programme, and Lamborghini Squadra Corse debuts its latest Huracan GT3
  • Dossier: Rodin RC10 V10 Turbo - Ian Bamsey examines the initial development of a track-only version of this engine, which will also be deployed on the road
  • e-Race: E1 Series Racebird Powerboat - With electric inshore powerboat racing looking set to be the latest to draw in the crowds, Wayne Ward finds out how the spec machine has been built
  • Focus: Advanced alloys - As motorsport of all kinds continues to evolve, so alloys developers are continuing to find fresh advances in their properties. Matt Grant reports
  • Challenge of: Classic Norton - Wayne Ward talks to Andy Wilson of WizNorton Racing about what it’s like to campaign with a rare Wankel rotary 
  • Show report: PRI 2022 - Gemma Hatton presents highlights of the latest outing for this premier expo, with a focus on Machinery Row
  • e-Race: Stark VARG MotoX - Despite its electric powertrain, the VARG motocross bike looks to be directly competitive with its ICengined counterparts, writes Wayne Ward
  • Focus: Coolers & radiators - Rightsizing a racecar’s heat exchanger is vital to the car’s performance, writes Matt Grant, who also explains how they are designed and built
  • PS: Scalar Performance SCR1 - Discussing this Canadian company’s conversion of the track day-oriented Toyota GR86 into an all electric competition car

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