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Race Engine Technology - Issue 152

Highlights in this issue include the first of a two-part special investigation into the Metro 6R4 as Ian Bamsey sifts through the late David Wood’s archive of papers and we digest the Stanton SR-11x Midget. Our upfront section covers electric drag racers, and our new expo feature showcases CTS Motorsport Engineering and Technology, Advanced Engineering and Autosport International. Our focus articles cover cranktrain development, heads and blocks plus much more…

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  • Intro: The Editor - Ian Bamsey gets nostalgic for the old days, and the more unpredictable and chaotic nature of racing, when you couldn’t always predict who would win and the underdog just might cross the line first
  • Upfront: Electric drag racers - The world’s fastest electric-powered drag car is the Mustang Cobra Jet 1800, developed by Ford Performance in the USA, but a little Black Current beetle is hot on its wheels – its British developers, brothers Sam and Olly Young, are hoping to break the record, as Will Gray discovers
  • Digest: Stanton SR-11x Midget - Stanton Racing Engines is one manufacturer pushing itself to develop even better engines. Its SR-11x is an impressive first product, performing with honours at the Chili Bowl, one of the main events in the Midget calendar
  • Focus: Cranktrain development - Often referred to as the beating heart of the engine, the cranktrain’s parts need to be strong and durable enough to withstand the heavy demands placed on them. With this in mind, Matt Grant reports on the processes and materials used to manufacture them for racecars to roadcars
  • Special investigation: Metro 6R4 - In the first of two articles, Ian Bamsey sifts through the late David Wood’s colourful archive of papers and memories to reflect on the development of a magnificent competition engine, the V64V, birthed in the 80s and still fondly remembered
  • Focus: Heads and blocks - Heads and blocks form the basic architecture of any engine, supporting every other component. As they also represent the heaviest weight in a vehicle, manufacturers are trying to go ever-lighter. Matt Grant explores the various designs, material options and casting processes for optimal performance
  • Expo: Engineering the future - Gemma Hatton provides a showcase of some of the topical products and services on display at CTS Motorsport Engineering and Technology, Advanced Engineering and Autosport International

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