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24 Hour Race Technology - Volume 4

Highlights in the issue include Profiles of the Zyetk LM P1, HPD's LM P2 and Corvette's GT2 plus Insights into Engine Durability, Suspension, Driver Support and Transmission. 

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July 2010

Officially endorsed by the ACO, 24 Hour Race Technology provides an annual review of the engineering spectacle that is Le Mans, highlighting why certain technologies are to the fore. Both Prototype and GT cars are analysed in depth in this uniquely focused appraisal of the world’s greatest twice-around-the-clock race, revealing many secrets of performance.

Contents are:

  • INTRO: THE EDITOR - The era of the turbodiesel Titans has now ended: what is the future for the world’s greatest endurance race?
  • GRID - New rules for 2011 will put the emphasis on Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS): we explain how and why
  • Analysis: THE BALANCE OF POWER - Predictions of Peugeot’s supremacy over Audi at Le Mans have proved premature, writes Peter Elleray. But 2011 could be different…
  • Insight: ENGINE DURABILITY - Wayne Ward talks to some of the major players about their approaches to 24-hour race engine durability
  • Profile: ZYTEK LM P1 - What are the factors that make the Zytek competitive enough to have attracted a driver of Nigel Mansell’s calibre to its cockpit?
  • Insight: SUSPENSION - We investigate the vital link between the Le Mans car and the four contact patches upon which its performance relies
  • Profile: HPD LM P2 - Anne Proffit reports on how reigning ALMS champion Highcroft Racing fared in its first LM P2 outing at Le Mans
  • Insight: DRIVER SUPPORT - Anne Proffit investigates the support systems that drivers need to survive a race that runs twice around the clock
  • Profile: CORVETTE GT2 - Anne Proffit investigates what happened when a top GT1 team moved down to the hotly contested GT2 arena
  • Insight: TRANSMISSION - Each year Le Mans sees a number of ‘transmission’ issues. John Coxon considers the requirements of the 24-hour gearbox.
  • PADDOCK - Who’s who in the world of 24-hour race engineering in 2011, including the manufacturer and private outfits
  • PS: TOYOTA 20 YEARS AGO - Toyota has unfinished business at Le Mans. 20 years ago its 24-hour programme took a major step

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