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Cup Race Technology - Volume 9

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with NASCAR's former Vice President Gary Nelson and a dossier on the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Cup. Insights into NASCAR R&D 2017, Xfinity composite bodies and Kevin Rumley on Dirt Late Models. A technical review of 2017 as well as a look at Ray Evernham's Ghost and full supplier directory. 

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March 2018

Although stock-appearing, running oval tracks at 200 mph the Cup car generates huge aerodynamic forces. Under the skin the Cup car is purpose-designed for racing albeit around some mandatory components that are strangely archaic. It all adds up to a fascinating engineering challenge. Published annually, Cup Race Technology explains in depth how some of the finest minds in motorsport rise to this fascinating and unique challenge.

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Right across the spectrum of stockcar racing, proper engineering is taking over from backyard mechanics 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - NASCAR unveils at-track optical scanning of car body shapes, details of the single-engine rule for 2018, and more… 
  • In Conversation: GARY NELSON - NASCAR’s former vice-president of r&d talks to Anne Proffit about his career highlights 
  • Dossier: 2018 CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1 CUP - When Chevrolet stopped producing the SS its NASCAR division opted for the Camaro ZL1 as a Cup replacement. Lawrence Butcher charts its development 
  • Insight: NASCAR R&D 2017 - NASCAR’s senior aerodynamicist Eric Jacuzzi looks back at the impact of some technologies in 2017, and which areas to expand for 2018 
  • Insight: XFINITY COMPOSITE BODIES - Lawrence Butcher reports on the project to design and produce new composite bodywork for the Xfinity series 
  • Digest: RAY EVERNHAM’S ‘GHOST’ - Lawrence Butcher explains how one man realized his dream of building the racer he’d always wanted 
  • Insight: KEVIN RUMLEY ON DIRT LATE MODELS - The Rumley device prompted a clampdown on suspension design in Dirt Late Model racing, writes Lawrence Butcher. Here’s how it worked 
  • Technical Review - Lawrence Butcher looks at some of the notable developments in short track technology since 2017 
  • Appendix - What are the differences between the three classes of NASCAR? We explain 
  • Supplier directory - Our listing of the companies providing products and services for the NASCAR community 
  • PS: RULE BENDER - As NASCAR brings in its Optical Scanning Station at race tracks, we look back on the exploits of arch-bender of the rules, Smokey Yunick"

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