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Drag Race Technology - Volume 1

Highlights in this issue include an Insights into Top Fuel engines and Running a Top Fuel car plus a Focus article covering the Sportsman Categories.

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September 2008

Behind the astonishing spectacle of professional drag racing is extreme engineering that is ultra-tightly focused but compared to other forms of motorsport no less complex for that. If anything the puzzle gets harder, the fewer are the variables that make the difference between winning and losing. The challenge of engineering and controlling the fastest accelerating vehicles in the world is thus a fascinating one that is revealed annually by Drag Race Technology. This publication uniquely gets to the nuts and bolts of a range of drag race cars, bikes and boats from around the world representing the state of the art in straight-line engineering and reveals the technologies that provide the winning edge.

Contents are:

  • Profile: TOP FUEL ENGINES - What it takes to push out 7,000 horsepower
  • Profile: PRO STOCK MOTORCYCLES - Steve Tartaglia keeps DSR on track
  • Insight: FUNNY CAR CHASSIS - Working to combine safety with speed
  • Insight: CREW CHIEF WISDOM - Top tuners share their insights
  • Insight: PRO STOCK CARS - The power of painstaking precision
  • Focus: THE SPORTSMAN CATEGORIES - Where ingenuity means more than money
  • Profile: RUNNING A TOP FUEL CAR - Getting ready for the Big Go
  • Report: DRAG RACING WORLDWIDE - The changing face of this global sport
  • GRID - Hot issues and innovation
  • PS: THE SPIRIT OF DRAG - A whiff of nostalgia

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